Blue Ribbon Award
Internet Safety

We know you'll want to stay informed about what's happening here at school, so in addition to sending home "The Whitebead Weaver" with our students each month, you'll also be able to view it online. Our monthly newsletter's goal is helping us by Interconnecting Students, Parents, and Teachers. So enjoy, and check back often for updates!

Library News

It looks like Christmas was very kind to the Whitebead library. Thanks to the wonderful generosity at the fall book fair, we have added twenty-four books for our students to check out, including some recently published and high-demand titles. We also earned bonus points that will go toward at least twice that amount in new books in the near future.

I am always humbled by the support and participation from our Whitebead parents, staff, and students. I especially want to thank Mrs. Capers and the art students Linda Hurley, Lauren Readnour, Richelle Humphrey, Katie Johnson, Natasha Rambo, Heather Smith, Shelli Sharber, Gayle Christensen, Erin Babcock, Brandi Keith, Emily Spence, Nancy Schickram, Alena Sterling, and Christy Barlow for going above and beyond. I can always count on you, and that is no small thing! Thanks again, and until the spring book fair, happy reading! Sincerely, Linda Williams

Boost Your Child's Self-Esteem

There are many simple and important things to help boost and encourage your child’s self-esteem. Please read our school newsletter to learn about boosting your child’s self-esteem in eight ways!

Setting Goals

Children feel more confident and in control when they accomplish certain goals and tasks. Encourage your child to set goals that he or she can work towards. Start by setting and accomplishing small goals in the beginning. Try to increase the complexity of the goals over time. Make sure your child chooses goals according to his/her age and skill level. Reinforce your child’s efforts along the way!