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Internet Safety

We know you'll want to stay informed about what's happening here at school, so in addition to sending home "The Whitebead Weaver" with our students each month, you'll also be able to view it online. Our monthly newsletter's goal is helping us by Interconnecting Students, Parents, and Teachers. So enjoy, and check back often for updates!

Parents Influence in the World of Science

Parents can positively affect their child’s success in science. Providing opportunities for exploration, discussing scientific events and discoveries, and encouraging your child to ask questions are beneficial to children’s interest in science. Parents can show a personal interest in discovery as well. These simple things can really make a difference in your child’s scientific knowledge and growth.

The Magic School Bus

Joanna Cole is the author of the popular children’s science series The Magic School BusThe Magic School Bus is a series of cartoon science adventures that Mrs. Frizzle and her class take. Trips include places from inside the human body to outer space.

There are many different Magic School Bus books. There are ten books in the original series, more than 20 books based on the television series, and a chapter book series. Videos and children’s software are also available. Visit your local library and find out what adventure is waiting for you and your child!

Scholastic provides a wonderful Magic School Bus website. On the site, children can play games, learn about experiments, and even go on virtual Magic School Bus adventures.

49th Annual Bean and Tamale Supper

We want to thank those who participated in the 49th Annual Bean and Tamale Supper. We also want to thank the PTO for all the time and hard work they put into making this event so great. This special event not only raises money for our schools, but it is a great opportunity for community involvement. We can’t wait until next year!